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Shaping the Future of Work (15.662x)
3.1 Out of Crisis: Innovations in the 1980s and Beyond

3.1 Out of Crisis: Innovations in the 1980s and Beyond

Today’s economy is global. Companies have divisions located in multiple countries and many depend on networks of buyers and suppliers located throughout the world. How can we hold corporations accountable for good, humane practices when they operate across different legal environments?

Professor Kochan examines these issues in the following video:

Video: Holding Global Corporations Accountable

Attentiveness Question

 Pressure from NGOs was essential in getting people to focus on the problem of providing decent work.  close
 Codes of conduct and audits were important, but only 50 to 60 percent effective in ensuring compliance.  close
 Management consulting helped suppliers comply with audit measures.  close
 Suppliers in countries with more corrupt governments had greater flexibility and therefore could more readily comply with codes of conduct.  check
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Explanation Suppliers located in countries that had less corrupt governments scored better on the audit measures.

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