5.07SC | Fall 2013 | Undergraduate

Biological Chemistry I

Module I: Basic Biochemistry

Session 5: Biochemical Transformations I

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Lecture Topics

  • Review of Carbonyl Chemistry
  • Aldol Reaction
  • Claisen Reaction
  • Prenyl Transfer Reaction


  • Chapter 14: Introduction to Metabolism
    • Oxidation Reduction Reaction
    • Experimental Approaches to the Study of Metabolism

Lecture Notes

Lecture Video: Carbonyl Chemistry

One of the most diverse chemical groups is the carbonyl – a carbon atom double-bonded to an oxygen atom. This video summarizes some of the most important carbonyl reactions discussed in this course.

Problem Set & Solutions

Problem Solving Video: Problem Set 4, Problem 2: The Mechanism of HMG-CoA Synthase

In this video, Dr. Fedeles discusses in detail the mechanism of HMG-CoA Synthase. HMG-CoA is a key enzyme in central metabolism responsible for making the 5-carbon building blocks from which all sterols, such as cholesterol and steroid hormones, are made.

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