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Biological Chemistry I

Module III: Using Energy to Make Macromolecules

Session 21: Regulation of Metabolism

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Lecture Topics

  • Pathways and Sites of Regulation
  • Key Organ Systems and Hormones
  • General Paradigms of Pathway Control: Covalent, Allosteric, and Acceptor Control


  • Chapter 22: Mammalian Fuel Metabolism: Integration and Regulation
    • Organ Specialization
    • Hormonal Control of Fuel Metabolism
    • Disturbances in Fuel Metabolism

Lecture Video: Regulation of Metabolism

In this final video, Professor Essigmann considers cell to organ and organ to organism metabolism. He reviews the key organ systems and hormones, and describes the general paradigms of pathway control: Covalent, Allosteric, and Acceptor Control.

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