5.07SC | Fall 2013 | Undergraduate

Biological Chemistry I

Module II: Production of Energy in the Cell

Session 8: Introduction to Sugar Chemistry and Carbohydrate Catabolism

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Lecture Topics

  • Glucose Chemistry
  • Carbohydrate Catabolism
  • Use of Gucose as a Metabolic Fuel
  • Introduction to Metabolism and Methods of Analysis
  • Overview of the Glycolysis Pathway


  • Chapter 8: Carbohydrates
    • Monosaccharides
    • Polysaccharides
    • Glycoproteins
  • Chapter 14: Introduction to Metabolism
    • Overview of Metabolism
    • Experimental Approaches to the Study of Metabolism
  • Chapter 15: Glucose Catabolism
    • Overview of Glycolosis

Lecture Notes

Lecture Video: Introduction to Carbohydrate Catabolism

This video by Professor John Essigmann provides an introduction to carbohydrate catabolism. It is the first video in the metabolism portion of the course.

Problem Set & Solutions

Problem Solving Video: Problem Set 6, Problem 2: Mechanism of Phosphoglycerate Mutase

The mechanism of phosphoglycerate mutase, the eighth enzyme in glycolysis, is the focus of this problem. It is this enzyme that catalyzes the conversion of 3-phosphoglycerate to 2-phosphoglycerate.

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