18.S997 | Fall 2011 | Undergraduate
Introduction To MATLAB Programming

More Projects

From the lecture material, you have already completed three coding projects that have asked you to plot the basins of attraction, optimize the basins of attraction code to run faster, and fully implement the Conway Game of Life. Now, each of the following is an idea for a project. The projects are left relatively vague and open-ended on purpose. It is your job to find projects you like and “run” with them. Some of the projects consist of a well-defined part and a lesser-defined part. The defined part should be thought of as the introduction to the topic, not the project itself. The project inherently includes a vague part that the student will need to define on his or her own.

Queens on a Chessboard (PDF)

Cursive Spline (PDF)

Autostereograms (PDF)

Brownian Motion (PDF)

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