18.S997 | Fall 2011 | Undergraduate

Introduction To MATLAB Programming



Here are some warm-up problems:

  • Create the list of numbers from 3 to 10
  • Create the list of even numbers from –20 to 20
  • Create the decreasing list of numbers from 100 to 90

Remember variables? There’s one variable that is special: The ans variable holds the last calculated value that was not placed into a variable. This is nice when a command you give MATLAB® returns a value that you realize is important, but forgot to assign into a variable:

>> sin(pi/2)
ans =
%%oops! I meant to save the "return value" in the variable x
>> x=ans
x =

Now x holds the answer, 1. Of course you could also re-issue the command with an assignment, but commands can take long to run, and there may be other reasons why you do not want to re-issue the command.

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