Day 1: Identity and Genre

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We will discuss who you are, what brought you to this class, what / who inspires you, and what you’d like to get out of this class. Today’s lecture will focus on an introduction to the educational video genre, world of YouTube, and making videos. The second half of class will be a video workshop led by Chris Boebel.

Part 1: Video Best Practices

Video Chapters

In-class Media: Video Best Practices

In-class Activity: Educational Video Analysis

Students began watching each of the videos below and recorded how long they continued watching. Afterwards, the class discussed the reasons why they wanted to watch some videos for longer than others.

In-class Media: Communicating Evolution

Part 2: Visual Storytelling

Video Chapters

Part 3: Wrap-up and Assignment

Video Chapters

In-class Media: Stem Pitch



What’s one aspect of science / engineering that you find fascinating? Can you tell it in a nugget that a middle schooler could remember and find fascinating / memorable, that acts like a trailer for a 5-min. episode on that topic? Post your 1-2 min. pitch to the class tumblr with the tag #day1pitch and think about how this could grow into a full-fledged episode. How would you convince someone with a middle-school background they should care? How would you engage their curiosity? Brainstorm 3 other possible pitches based on other STEM “nuggets” and bring to class tomorrow.

Daily Blog / Vlog

Provide documentation on your process / difficulties in completing this assignment. This can take the form of a written blog post reflection, photos, another “selfie” video (<2 min.), or other creative media format of your choice. Upload the post to the class tumblr with the tag #day1.


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