Day 3: Storyteller's Toolkit Pt. 1

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This session could be called: Making People Care 101. We’ll cover what makes for compelling text, both in a general science communication sense and in the context of scripting and video planning. Then, we’ll integrate the written word with the spoken, with a hosting workshop building on yesterday’s case studies. Today’s session will be a continuous workshop of writing, table reading, critiquing, and filming led by George Zaidan and Elizabeth.

Part 1: Writing Workshop

Video chapters

In-class Media

Part 2: Hosting Workshop


Daily Blog / Vlog Assignment

Upload a video, written blog post, pictures, etc. reflecting on insights gained from the workshop today on the class tumblr with #day3.


Record a new STEM pitch and post to class tumblr with #day3trailer. You will need to post a second draft of your script on the blog by the January 9, so start working on that as well.

Instructor and Student Work

Blogs / Vlogs


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