Day 7: Table-read and Post-production

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We’ll finish the rest of the table-reads and then cover the “art” of editing and incorporating music into video. Please note that this will not be a techniques workshop (see the Equipment & Editing sections for tutorial resources), but rather a best practices-based workshop. We will also cover the resources available for music and navigating Creative Commons.

Part 1: Table-read

Joshua’s Table-read Joshua’s Script (DOC)
Kenneth’s Table-read Kenneth’s Script (DOC)

Part 2: Post-production

Video Chapters

In-class Media: Editing Case Studies

In-class Media: Music Resources


Daily Blog / Vlog Assignment

Upload what you created today on the class blog with any commentary about the process.


Finish editing your scripts and post to the Tumblr with day7script and your Kerberos ID.


Fill out the Midpoint Survey (PDF) sometime before the weekend!

Instructor and Student Work

Daily Blogs / Vlogs

Day 7 Scripts

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