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The majority of the class assignments (daily blogs, peer feedback) will be graded on a three-point scale of good, sufficient, or incomplete (or a zero for no work). I (Elizabeth) will be completing assignments along with you, and you can turn to my examples as points of reference for expected effort. We emphasize thoughtfulness toward process rather than churning out a product (however, product quality will be graded as well). All assignments are due by noon the following class day unless otherwise noted.

The following are our class values, and all assignments will be graded keeping these qualities in mind:

  • Spark
  • Clarity
  • Thoughtfulness
  • Challenge

This is the Grading Rubric (PDF) that we will use. Keep in mind that specificities will vary depending on the assignment and how far along we are in class. We will provide you with feedback (numerical and written) using this rubric for all assignments (which should give you a sense of where you stand in the class).

The total grade for this class will be based upon the following weighted factors:

  • 25% Class Participation

    • Because this is a workshop-based course, and because sessions will build upon each other, it is crucial to attend every class and be prompt for the start of class. Exceptions will be granted only for extenuating circumstances, and only in advance.
    • Meaningful peer feedback will be crucial throughout the production process, and we expect you to be involved and engaged students in this workshop-based class (discussions, table reads, rough cut annotations, etc.)
  • 20% Daily Blog / Vlog Reflections

    • You are expected to upload documentation on your process / difficulties / lessons learned in completing assignments or insights gained from class workshops. This can take the form of a written blog post reflection, photos, a “selfie” video (<2 min.), or other creative media format of your choice. I (Elizabeth) will upload examples on the class site along with you all.
    • Instructions for how to post your blog/vlog on Tumblr
    • You must post daily blogs by 10 AM the following day.
    • Rubric: Daily assignments will be graded on a three-point scale of good, sufficient, or incomplete (or a zero for no or late work).
  • 25% Workshop Products

    • Working on your own or in small teams, you will be required to produce iterations of your final project components (scripts, storyboards, scenes, rough cuts, etc.)
    • For reading assignments, documents will be posted on Annotation Studio. Comment on the document with your responses to the readings and to your classmates. This will be graded on a three-point scale of good, sufficient, or incomplete (or a zero for no work).
  • 30% Final Project

    • The work over IAP will culminate in each of you creating a <5 min. episode. Individual grades = 65% your work (script, hosting, etc.), 35% the production you did for your partner (filming).
    • We will select the top projects to professionally produce for Season 3 of Science Out Loud.

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