Day 2: Audience

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Today’s class begins with a visit with students from Cummings Middle School. The students are here to act as consultants. The MIT students pitch their STEM “nuggets”—ideas for STEM videos—and see which ideas the middle school students find the most interesting. We’ll then focus on understanding the educational context of your lay audience, and tackle the question, How do you create a meaningful, scalable learning experience? Guest lecturer Natalie Kuldell will facilitate this discussion for the middle portion of class, using as an example. In the final portion of the class, the students will continue to work on and workshop their STEM nuggets (assigned on Day 1), focusing on the scope and the angle of the stories they want to tell.

Part 1: Middle School Consultations

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Part 2:

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Part 3: Nugget Workshop and Wrap-up

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Daily Blog / Vlog Assignment

Upload a video, written blog post, pictures, etc. reflecting on insights gained from the workshop today on the class tumblr with #day2


Write a 200-300 word script for an episode based around your STEM nugget. (Just a rough draft - don’t worry too much about making it perfect. Tomorrow’s class will involve workshopping these scripts.) Upload to class Tumblr with #day2script.

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