Day 5: Storyteller's Toolkit Pt. 3

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What are the non-verbal elements that go into a video, and how do you integrate the camera to enhance your narrative? Today will be a continuation of our discussion on visual storytelling with a video workshop led by Chris Boebel, followed by some tips on production from Elizabeth.

Part 1: What’s the Point of your Video?

Part 2: Visual Language

In-class Media: Visual Language

Part 3: Producing a Video

In-class Media: Producing Case Studies

Part 4: Filming


Daily Blog / Vlog Assignment

Document the process of the in-class exercise. Upload a video, written blog post, pictures, etc. reflecting on insights gained from the workshop today on the class blog with #day5.


Post a second draft of your script on the class blog with #scriptdraft2 by Saturday at noon and send a Google Doc copy (with commenting permissions) to the teaching staff.

Instructor and Student Work

Day 5 Blogs / Vlogs

Day 5 Script (Draft 2)

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