Class Policies

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Use of Electronic Devices

Since this is, ultimately, a class on digital media and literacy, it is acceptable (and often required) to have your computers and phones in class. Please see the Calendar to note when it will be most beneficial to have these devices at hand. We will not micromanage your use of these devices, however, please be considerate of the learning experiences of your classmates and yourselves while you are in class.

Academic Integrity & Group Work

You are allowed (and encouraged!) to discuss all aspects of the course with your fellow students, to get editorial feedback on your responses, and to get technical / methodological / conceptual help on your projects. However, we expect you to credit those who helped you by name, and that the work should still be substantively your own. If you have any questions, you should review the Academic Integrity Handbook or talk to the instructors.

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Learning Resource Types
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