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Principles of Chemical Science

Unit I: The Atom

Lecture 1: The Importance of Chemical Principles

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Lecture Video

Professor Cathy Drennan introduces this series of lectures about basic chemical principles. She describes her path to becoming a chemist and reveals her first impression of the discipline of chemistry. Goals for students of this material are presented as well as some examples about how real world problems can be solved through the applications of chemical principles. Teaching assistants for the course are introduced.

Lecture Notes

Notes for Lecture 1 (PDF)

Textbook Reading

This material, which is a review of fundamental chemical principles, will not be explicitly covered in class. The intent of assigning this reading is to provide a review of relevant high-school-level material.

Matter and Energy Section A.1: pp. F1–9 Section A.1: pp. F1–10
Section A.1: pp. F17–F21 Section A.1: pp. F18–21
Compounds Section C: pp. F22–28 Section C: pp. F23–28
The Nomenclature of Compounds Section D: pp. F29–36 Section D: pp. F30–36
Moles and Molar Masses Section E: pp. F37–43 Section E: pp. F38–44
Determination of Chemical Formulas Section F: pp. F45–50 Section F: pp. F46–50
Mixtures and Solutions Section G: pp. F51–58 Section G: pp. F52–59
Chemical Equations Section H: pp. F60–63 Section H: pp. F61–64
Reaction Stoichiometry Section L: pp. F85–92 Section L: pp. F85–91
Limiting Reactants Section M: pp. F95–103 Section M: pp. F93–100

Significant figures are important. Rules for scientific notation and significant figures are available in the back of our textbook in Appendix 1, pages A5-A6. You are also responsible for knowing the following SI prefixes: n (nano, 10-9), μ (micro, 10-6), m (milli, 10-3), c (centi, 10-2), and k (kilo, 103).

Problems and Solutions

Review problems to complete before continuing to lecture 2. Students are expected to know this material, which is not covered in class.

5.111 Review Problems (PDF)

Solutions for 5.111 Review Problems (PDF)

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