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Principles of Chemical Science

Unit I: The Atom

Lecture 2: Atomic Structure

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  1. Discovery of the Electron and the Nucleus
  2. The Need for Quantum Mechanics

Lecture Video

The backscattering experiment of Rutherford is recreated in the classroom setting. Ping pong balls are used to represent alpha particles and Styrofoam balls connected to a series of strings represent nuclei in a piece of gold foil.

Lecture Notes

Notes for Lecture 2 (PDF)

Clicker Questions

Lecture 2 Clicker Questions (PDF)

Textbook Reading

Force and Energy Sections A.2–A.3: pp. F9–13 Sections A.2–A.3: pp. F10–13
Elements and Atoms Sections B.1–B.2: pp. F15–17 Sections B.1–B.2: pp. F15–18
The Nuclear Atom Section 1.1: pp. 1–3 Section 1.1: pp. 1–3

Problems and Solutions

Problems for Lecture 2 (PDF)

Solutions for Lecture 2 (PDF)

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