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Principles of Chemical Science

Unit II: Chemical Bonding & Structure

Lecture 10: Introduction to Lewis Structures

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  1. Lewis Structures
  2. Formal Charge
  3. Resonance Structures

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Lewis structures are simplistic views of molecular structure. They are based on the idea that the key to covalent bonding is electron sharing and having each atom achieve a noble gas electron configuration. Lewis structures correctly predict electron configurations around atoms in molecules about 90% of the time. They are not perfect, but writing a Lewis structure is a lot easier than solving the Schrödinger equation, so we recommend that you watch this lecture.

Lecture Notes

Notes for Lecture 10 (PDF)

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Lecture 10 Clicker Questions (PDF)

Textbook Reading

Lewis Structures Section 2.5–2.8 Section 2.5–2.8

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Problems for Lecture 10 (PDF)

Solutions for Lecture 10 (PDF)

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